After the financial crisis Spanish Banks are more conservative in loaning money but it is still definitely possible.

Their policy nowadays for non residents in Spain is to loan up to 60% of the valuation or purchase price, taking the lowest one of these as their reference. In some cases it is possible to obtain a 70%.

Residents in Spain can obtain up to 80% or more for purchasing property in Marbella.

Banks consider that 33% of your yearly income should be equivalent to the total repayment of a said year for mortgage repayments. The 33% should be calculated after you have deducted any other loans or mortgage repayments you might have.

Villa Marketing can help you obtain a mortgage to purchase your Marbella property.

To get feedback from the bank as to the possibilities of finance we would require the following:

  • Copy of your latest tax declaration or proof of income.
  • Statements of last 3 months from your bank account.
  • Details of your bank in your home country.
  • Photocopy of your passport.
  • Experian report or credit report.

For more information on finance, see our section on Mortgages Explained.


Mortgage calculator

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CAUTION: Do not rely on the results from this calculator to make financial decisions. Interest rates vary and the tax laws change regularly. Please contact us for assistance with your specific concerns.