Golden Visa

At the end of 2015, the Spanish government made an important change to the law applying to Golden Visas which allows a non-European to apply directly for residency without having to apply previously for a visa. 

This means the application for residency can be done directly from Spain therefore making the whole process shorter.

Another change is that once the initial period of 2 years has passed, the renewal periods shall be periods of 5 years. 

Another important change is related to the family of the investor. Initially, the wife and children under 18 years of age were included. Now this is extended to children over 18 years of age if they are economically dependant of the investor and as long as they have not created their own family. It is also extended to parents if they are financially dependant on the investor. Also now the law will include the existing partner of the investor even if they are not married. 

Here are the key facts on the Spanish Golden Visa:

  • €500.000 Investment in Real Estate
  • Residency for the family
  • No requirement to reside
  • After 10 years you may apply for Spanish passport
  • Travel throughout Europe (Schengen) without a visa
  • Possibility to work in Spain

If you would like to contact a lawyer specialising in obtaining these visas or residence permits and if you would like to receive information on properties, send an e-mail to 

Remember, the investment of €500.000 does not necessarily have to be in one property. This could be the sum of 2 or 3 properties.